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Are you bore? Want to see your favorite movie or TV show and you don’t know where to find it and download it for free? You are just one step away from enjoying all your entertainment with only one app. Showbox is bringing magic you look for in your life to enjoy. What it brings is, Pack full of movies, plays and much more. Just open the box and get what you want for your self. Thinking to watch newly released movies and want to watch it for free. Let Showbox brings it for you. Music can change your mood in no time but finding the source from where you can listen to crystal clear music is quite difficult and time taking. Showbox takes this responsibility on your behalf to find what you want. If you want to download Showbox for PC. Continue reading.

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Showbox is a platform where you can stream the latest movies, shows and much more on entertainment then you are in the right place. This app is specially made for those people who want the fast, simple and legal way to watch the best movies and tv channels. This app provides you the best service at no cost. You can watch everything on this app at HD quality. TV serials and much more.  It will give you access to search for anything on this app according to your choice ranging from genre, year, and rating also. Showbox provides you a clean and smooth user-friendly interface. So, with this friendly interface you can easily find anything that you want to.

More about Showbox

Showbox gives you access to view the trailers of upcoming movies and keeps you up to date with all the latest news from Hollywood as well as the movie industry. If you are getting bored and want to watch something interesting, then you must have to stream the Showbox and you will get everything in one place whatever you want to. This app is as easy as no one can even imagine. You don’t need to login by any account or also don’t need to go through any query. This application is made for both PC and Android. Therefore, you can easily watch your favorite programs on your favorite devices.

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This app has amazing features, let’s have a look at its features.

Features of Showbox for PC

Huge collection of films and tv shows

This app provides you a huge collection of movies, tv shows and a lot more for entertainment stuff. In this app everything is arranged in categories so you can easily search your movie or show easily from the database.

Live Streaming

This app allows you to stream the movies, shows, TV serials and much more at any time whenever you want to watch. It gives you access to watch media online as well as offline.

Watch HD and Blue-ray quality

It gives you HD quality and Blue-ray quality videos. If you want to watch a movie but you have a poor internet connection even though you can change the level of quality to run the video smoothly.

Without registration

You can use this app without any registration. It will not ask any account or e-mail id to login on this app. You can stream videos and enjoy this app without registration.

Easy to use

Showbox is a simple, easy and user-friendly interface that everyone can operate it very easily.

Size of Showbox

The size of Showbox is 39.1 MB it doesn’t take much space on your PC. Therefore you don’t need to uninstall anything from your PC.

Download Movies

Showbox allows you to pick the movie or video according to your requirements and download it on your PC without any trouble. You can watch downloaded movies or videos in your free time easily or when you don’t have an internet connection.

Favorite List

This app allows you to make a separate list of your favorite movies and videos from which you can easily get your favorite list of movies and videos without any hassle.


This app is totally free of cost. You can download it on your PC without paying a penny.

Here I will guide you step by step the downloading method of Showbox for PC. Continue reading.

How to download Showbox for PC

This app is available on both devices Android and PC. But installing directly on your system will cause problems for you, there is a trick you should follow. First, you need to install an android emulator only then you can be able to install the Showbox app for PC.

Need Android Emulator

  • Android emulator helps you to run and play all kinds of Android apps and games on PC.
  • BlueStacks is one of the best Android emulators to use Android apps on a desktop or laptop.
  • If you don’t have BlueStacks and want to download it then keep reading.
  • Follow the steps of how to download BlueStacks on PC.

How to download BlueStacks for PC

You are required to download an Android emulator by click on the mentioned link “BlueStacks” or you can also download it from the “” website.

Downloading process
  • After click on the link mentioned above, it will take you to the site of this emulator from where you can easily download the BlueStacks. You just click on the “Download” button which shows you on the screen. It will then start the downloading process.


After completing the downloading process

  • Within a few seconds, the downloading process will complete.
  • Open the downloaded file by double-clicking the file.
  • It will upload this file in your PC which will take you another window where it will ask your Gmail account or password to run the application properly.
  • After completing all processes it will take you the google play store. From there you can easily download your Showbox for PC.

Download Showbox for PC

After successfully installing the BlueStacks on your PC,  now you are free to download Showbox for PC. Just write the name of the app in the search bar. You will easily find the Showbox icon. Just click on that icon for installation.

Required permission
  • This app will ask your Gmail active account and password.
  • This app will require access to the location.
  • It will ask you to access your storage and gallery.

When you are done with the downloading process, proceed with your Gmail account login details to download this app. Then click the Google play store tab and use its search bar to search for Showbox.  Find the Showbox and click on the icon.

Start installation process

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Start the installation by clicking on the install button which is shown on your screen. After the successful installation of the app, the Showbox icon will appear on your PC. You can now open Showbox on PC using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touch screen. Now you can enjoy this app.

How to install Showbox for PC through APK file

In any case, if “BlueStacks” is not working then you have an alternate option of “APK file” to download the Showbox for PC.

  • You can easily download the APK file by clicking the above-mentioned link.
  • This emulator works as same as BlueStacks.
  • After downloading the APK file just follow the next steps which I have already mentioned in BlueStacks.
  • You will easily download the app through the APK file emulator.
  • Once you have completed all the steps required for the Showbox installation, Open the app by clicking on the icon shown to you on screen.
  • Use it and enjoy it.

Why you should use this Showbox for PC?

This app allows you to stream on both devices Android and PC. But as we all know on phones it is much difficult to watch movies and videos for a long time. You get tired soon by using the phone or watching entertainment stuff on Android. Watch movies or videos on Android will give stress to your eyes. So, if you watch Showbox on PC/laptop it will be much convenient for you. You will enjoy more watching on the big screen of the PC. PC has an ultra-powerful processor than the Android. On wide-screen you will get a perfect pixel of movies, you can watch your favorite movie on HD quality without any problem. You can easily customize the Showbox exactly how you want.

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