DraStic Emulator for PC, Window & Mac

DraStic Emulator for PC is the best Android emulator for emulator lovers or fans. The DraStic emulator is a combination of smooth performance and stupefying amount of options and features. It is an emulator app and officially designed for Android or iOS devices. If you are a Nintendo games fan, so you are in the right place. You can easily play Nintendo games on your mobile. It has lots of new updated features and modifications which users not found in any other emulator app. As I told, the DraStic emulator is officially available for the Android version. Sadly, there is no available for Windows on Google Play Store. Don’t Panic! I have drafted a convenient guide to download and install the DraStic Emulator on your PC.

What is the DraStic Emulator?

DraStic Emulator is an app that is used to play all Nintendo games that you always wish to play on your Mobile platform or PC. you can Sync your stored games with your Google Drive and even you press fast- forward button to faster your game speed. With the help of this app, users can easily improve the graphics of a game. It has tons of features for its enhancement and popularity. You can use this app in any mode Portrait/Landscape whatever you want to be. The user allows saving your favorite games with the option of Save state. All the features of the DraStic emulator are very helpful and useful. It is compatible with all kinds of devices. By a trick, you can easily install it on your PC, Window and Mac Operating system.

DraStic emulator for PC
Features of DraStic Emulator:

There are some exciting features of DraStic Emulator highlighted below:

  • DraStic Emulator is quite an impressive and very powerful emulator specially developed for Android and iOS devices.
  • Users can easily and very smoothly play Nintendo games on Android devices, PC, Windows, etc.
  • With the support of the DraStic Emulator, Users can improve the graphic of the game.
  • Users can easily change mode portrait/Landscape at any time.
  • The user allows twisting thousand Nintendo games with cheats code.
  • You can fast forward to speed up the emulation of this app.

Which games can Play on the DraStic Emulator?

The best games that you can play on the DraStic emulator easily and confidently without any disturbance and errors.

Here are some games which you can easily play and enjoy on the DraStic Emulator.

  • Animal Crossing: Wild World
  • Backyard Baseball 10
  • Dragon Quest V
  • Mario Kart DS
  • Elite Beat Agents
  • Mario Party DS
  • Metroid Prime Pinball
  • Top Spin 3

Is DraStic Emulator safe to use on Windows 10?

DraStic Emulator is the top leading Emulator for Android versions. If you are looking for the best Emulator for Windows 10 then we recommend you should go with the DraStic Emulator for Windows 10. It is quite an easy and powerful emulator for PC (Windows 10). If Mac OS users wish to use this emulator on MacBook so Mac users are also able to use this emulator on Mac with the help of our instructions on how to download and install DraStic Emulator for PC, Free on Windows 10 and Macintosh.

How to download and install DraStic Emulator for PC:

DraStic Emulator is only available for Android devices and iOS users. No, any version is available for PC, Windows and Mac Operating System. To download and install the DraStic emulator on your PC or Operating System, the following steps should be performed.

Step#1) Download Bluestacks:

Before move towards the installation procedure, you will require to download and install Bluestacks on your PC or Mac from their official website. It is the best and largest PC gaming platform. you can also easily install Bluestacks from a given link Android emulator for Windows.

Step#2) Download DraStic Emulator APK:

To download and install DraStic emulator via Google play store on Bluestacks is very fast and great. but sometimes it doesn’t work well. so we would prefer to download DraStic emulator APK from their official website or given a link.

DraStic Emulator APK

Step#3) Install DraStic Emulator Using APK Method:

  • Now you have both options, Once you use it Built-in search feature and the other is to use the APK method. So I will suggest you Download and Install DraStic Emulator using APK Method because of its works great all the time.
  • Launch Bluestacks on your PC. Click on the Install APK button located at the bottom right side of the Bluestacks screen.
  • Select the APK file that you have downloaded in the second step.
  • Click on Open to start the installation process.
  • Once done, you can access the DraStic Emulator for PC from Bluestacks My Apps Tab and Desktop.



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