NFC Easy Connect for PC, Window & Mac OS

NFC Easy Connect for PC. It is a fantastic tool that compatible with smartphones NFC. It allows your Android device to connect easily with NFC compatible accessories like headphones, speakers, etc. Just click to compatible NFC accessory for register or pair & connect them through Bluetooth. Honestly, there is no official version of the NFC Easy Connect for Windows & Mac Operating System. But there are millions of people want to use this app on PC. That’s why, I have drafted a  brief guide on how to download and install NFC Easy Connect for PC, Laptop, free on Windows 10/8/7 & Mac OS. Firstly, start our article with short detail on the app.

NFC Easy Connect for PC
What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It a combination of short wireless connection, normally distance of 4cm and less than 4cm to stable the connection. It allows the user to share small files of data between two Android devices. Tags or data files can be simple or complex. NFC supports three main operations with your Android device.

  • P2P mode
  • Read/Write mode 
  • Card emulation mode

P2P model is a peer to peer mode, allows the NFC to exchange data with other NFC devices/router. Read/write mode allows the NFC to read and write tags and small data files. On the other hand, Card emulation mode allows the NFC device to act as an NFC card. A card can be accessed by an external reader.

How I connect NFC on Android?

Some Android devices have already an NFC app installed with multiple functions. so if you have NFC in your Android devices, you need to be activated to use NFC. Follow the instructions below:

  • Unlock your Android device or phone. Click on the “Setting” option.
  • Now Choose “Connected devices” and go to the “Connection preferences”.
  • Now you should view NFC and Beam option.
  • Turn on “NFC” and “Beam”. If the Beam option is disabled, the NFC sharing capacity will be limited.

What is the main function of NFC Easy Connect?

Following are the main functions of the NFC Easy Connect app:

  • It allows simple devices registration and connects by one touch using Bluetooth. It allows touching the smartphone to the Sony NFC compatible accessories.
  • Simple disconnect by one touch. The interface of this app is user-friendly and negotiable.
  • If you have multiple devices, just by one touch you can switch the connection form the other devices easily.
  • Bluetooth option can be easily turn off, on and select device one from the other through app screen.

Is the NFC Easy Connect app safer for PC?

As we know, the NFC Easy Connect app is designed for Android and iOS users. But by a trick, users can easily use this app on PC, Windows 10/8/7 & Mac. So when we discuss NFC Easy Connect for PC, Security and safety are also play an important role. The use of the NFC app is much safer than Bluetooth. Because NFC requires a closer range than Bluetooth. NFC technology comes in its ease to use. The setup of NFC is much easier and faster than the Bluetooth option. Bluetooth needs a longer signal range for connecting and transfer data files. That’s why we prefer the NFC Easy Connect app for our viewers who want the best and great experience and work.

How to download and install NFC Easy Connect for PC, Window & Mac:

Downloading NFC Easy Connect for PC is and very easy and faster with the help of third-party emulators. There are tons of methods to download Android apps on PC, free on Windows & Mac OS. But we will discuss two top leading methods in this article. One is through the Google Play store and the other is using the APK method. Follow the method below:

Download Bluestacks:

Before we proceeding to the installation process, you need to download and install an Android emulator on PC or Laptop. To install NFC Easy Connect on PC, we will suggest you download Bluestacks Android emulator. It is the best and top leading Android emulator which emulates Android apps on your PC without any problem. Click here to download Bluestacks.

Download NFC Easy Connect APK:

Users allowed to install the NFC Easy Connect app directly from the Play Store on Bluestacks. But some times it doesn’t work properly. So we would suggest you download NFC Easy Connect APK. It works best all the time with all kinds of devices. Click here to download NFC Easy Connect APK.

Install NFC Easy Connect using the APK method:

Now you have both options, Once installed through the Bluestacks Play store, the other is to use the APK method. Click the APK file that you have downloaded in the second step. Afterward, Open Bluestacks Window and Choose APK button located at the bottom side of the window. Click to install it. It may take time for installation.

After installation is complete, you can access it from the Bluestacks My Apps tab or the main menu of the System.




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