Puffin Web Browser for PC, Mac, Windows 7/8/10 download

Puffin web browser for PC, Android, Mac, and Windows is a well-known remote browser that has a variety of different functions with many users globally. But it got fame for flash support it provides to IOS and android users. It Support resources on the remote server are way better than regular browsers and allow Puffin to be faster than any other regular browser.


Furthermore, Puffin has many advantages on the market more than any other search engine(browser). Puffin has a different architecture than others. Puffin Browser released Puffin Web Browser Pro, its paid version on Google Play in December 2010, and in November 2010 on Apple App Store. CloudMosa introduced Puffin Academy, In 2013 a free mobile browser with built-in flash.

Amazing Features of the application

  • Puffin speeds up PC/MOBILE browsing. It does this by transferring the workload to the cloud server from resource-limited devices.
  • Further, Resource demanding pages can work super fast on your PC.
  • browser transmits web data to your device by using a propriety compression algorithm which saves 90% of your bandwidth on regular browsing.
  • It can also download files from various devices to your cloud drive at light speed.
  • No consumption of network bandwidth as it works cloud to cloud.
  • the puffin web browser allows you to check data usage in settings and search freely with no worry about MBS.
  • Nobody can hack the Puffin web browser because of its privacy policy which secures you from hackers.
  • Puffin’s browsing speed is five times more than any other regular browser.
  • Unlike other browsers, It asks for your permission before accessing your location.
  • Puffin is the fastest application which is using by more than 100 million people around the world.
  • It has also launched the Puffin browser, Lite.
  • Application’s size is 21.75 MB, free of cost, last updated on 15-01-2020, requires an android 2.3 or higher version.
  • You can run pages in a flash because it has excellent support for flash. This means that you can play any videos, or play any flash game directly from your browser without having any problem.


  1. In order to install the Puffin web browser on your Windows 10 or PC. You will be needing a third-party Android Emulator. We will suggest you should download BlueStacks. As it’s the best in the market. Download BlueStacks on your Windows 10 or PC. Once downloaded, install BlueStacks on your PC. You will be asked to add an active Gmail ID in order to use Google Play Services on your Pc.
  2. Now that you have installed BlueStacks on your Windows or PC. You will require the Puffin web browser APK as it’s removed from Google Play. Use this link to download the Puffin web browser APK on your PC. Once downloaded place the APK on your desktop.
  3. You have a Puffin web browser APK and BlueStacks installed on your PC. Launch BlueStacks and double click on the Puffin web browser APK file. Now you don’t have to do anything, let BlueStacks do its magic and the Puffin web browser will be installed on your PC in no time. Once the installation process is completed, you will be notified and after that, you can start using the Puffin web browser on your PC.

Downloading Puffin Web Browser for PC through NOX


You can also use NOX as an emulator other than Bluestacks. Unlike Bluestacks, NOX is also a better emulator. You need to simply install it on your Mac from its official website “NOX.com”. Finally, install the application, the same way you installed bluestacks.

Downloading the app for PC through apk file


In case you are unable to download the app through the play store, another method used is to install it through the apk file. Initially, you need to download Next Plus from  “apk pure”. After downloading, open bluestacks and click on the option of “install apk”. Drag and Drop the previously downloaded apk file and it will be installed on your Windows automatically.

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