Whatscan for PC (Windows 10 & Mac OS) [Free-Download]

Whatscan for PC. You want to use the same Account of Whatsapp on multiple Android and iOS devices simultaneously. For this purpose, you can try Whatscan. Whatscan is the same as the WhatsApp Web version. The difference is that WhatsApp Web version is used for PC, Laptop devices. Whatscan is used on Android. It allows the users to use the same WhatsApp account on another device with a hassle-free manner. If you try to use the same account of WhatsApp on another device, a popup appears. Therefore, no other app can serve better than the Whatscan app. Now you can download and install Whatscan for PC. 

About Whatscan App:

Whatscan is a powerful and full-featured app that allows users to send or receive messages using any other device by associating WhatsApp Account. Whatscan is free to download the app but this app is removed from the Google Play store due to some reasons. So we have a solution to this problem, you can easily download the Whatscan APK file. APK file is available on the official website. APK is a very great and easiest way to download any Android app on PC which is not available on the Google Play store. In previous articles, we mentioned lots of such apps that are not available yet on the Play store like Flud for PC, Videoder For PC.

This app is so simplest, does not need any root and mods. This app is surely safe and secure for all kinds of devices like Android version, PC and Mac OS. This app does not require any personal data or information of users to get access to its services. All data, chat history is saved and secured between users and smartphone. Before we move towards the guide on how to install Whatscan for PC, we like to mention key features of Whatscan. 

Features of Whatscan:

As above mentioned, Whatscan is used to activate the same WhatsApp account on another device without having any trouble. The main function of Whatscan is to added media files and data to any added contact. Those users who have more than one smartphone, Whatscan is a very beneficial app for them. Whatscan is a very easy app to share files on another device. simply you just upload a file from one device and download it from another targeted device. Whatscan performs all features the same as Whatsapp for Android.

  • It allows you to share files from windows to windows via WhatsApp.
  • It also allows you to share files from Windows to Android and Android to Windows through WhatsApp and the same as Mac OS and Laptop device.
  • The interface of Whatscan is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You don’t need to view any videos and learn the method of using this app. Once you open the app after installing, you will easily navigate all functions and features of Whatscan.

What is the best alternative of Whatscan App:

Whatscan is the best App for dual Account activation on different devices at the same time. It plays a great role and providing great features and functions. Parallel Space for PC is the best alternative app of Whatscan for PC. It allows us to share data files from one smartphone to another smartphone. but there is file size limitation and the speed of transferring files is slow. Whatscan is a very simplest and easy way to transfer files from one to other devices. Pair both devices using Whatscan. Scan QR code and get access to Account of Whatsapp on another device.

Whatscan APK info:

NameWhatscan APK 
FunctionDuplicate WhatsApp
File size8.83MB
Requirements4.4 and above
Google PlayNot available yet

Google Play Store removed Whatscan App but now this app is available with APK file because people want to use Whatscan for PC. Now you can easily download and install Whatscan for PC with the help of APK file and get the latest version. You can also the details of the APK package of Whatscan APK in the above-mentioned table.

How to download and install Whatscan for PC:

There are many ways to download Android Apps on PC  but most of them creating problems while it’s downloading. Therefore we recommend you two ways to download Whatscan for PC. One is to use built-in search features and the other is to use the APK method. Use the below method to download Whatscan for PC.

Download Bluestacks:

  • The primary step is to download Bluestacks Android Emulator on PC from the official website or given a link. Bluestacks is one of the best Android Emulator all over the world. It is running the latest version and updated every day. More than 200 million users use this app daily for the sake of downloading Android apps and games on PC. Keep in mind! Bluestacks is a heavy file so it takes time for downloading.

Download Bluestacks App installer

Download Whatscan APK:

  • After downloading Bluestacks, Launch Bluestacks by adding up Gmail Account and password. you can easily search the Whatscan app on the search bar and install it but sometimes it creates a problem. Therefore, we will suggest you download the APK file from the official website or given link. APK method will work best all the time with all kinds of devices.

Download Whatscan APK File 

Install Whatscan for PC using APK method:

  • Once you download the APK file, you have both options. If you want to go with the APK method then you need to click on the APK button located in the bottom corner of the screen. Choose the APK file that you have downloaded in the second step. Click to install it by accepting all terms and conditions. Wait until the installation process is finished.

Once done, you can access it from Bluestacks My Apps Tab and a Main menu of the system.






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