Wifi Mater for PC, Mac, Windows 7/8/10 download

Wifi Master for PC, Android, Mac, and Windows is an application that helps you to connect with millions of free wifi hotspots shared by users worldwide. It is the best WiFi network application available in the market. It is the best useful tool for WiFi internet users. Also, you can Turn-off other peoples off from a common WiFi network and allocate all the bandwidth to yourself. This Pro app is for Android devices only and it requires root access. But still, you can use this application on your PC.


When WiFi Master is running and your smartphone is connected to a public wifi network, then it will make other devices in the same network, think that your device is a WiFi router. So the other peoples will try to connect to the internet through you.

Notable features of Wifi Master

  1. You will see all who are connected to the wifi network that you are using.
  2. This app will show the data transfer rate for both download and upload of grabbed devices.
  3. Monitor your network activity of any device using WiFi.
  4. Names of the devices connected to the network will be displayed.
  5. Most importantly, you can cut off the internet connection of any device which is connected to the same WiFi network as yours.
  6. Finally, this app works on Smartphones, Tablets, and others too.

Download Free WiFi Master for PC in an Easy Way by following these instructions

Download Bluestacks to Install the App

1⇒ Open Bluestacks official site. So you will get the “Download Bluestacks” button.

2⇒ Click on the download button and then it downloads .exe file on your PC or laptop browser.

3⇒ Search .exe file on your browser downloads option or directly open it from your browser page.

4⇒ Once you click on the .exe file it opens a new tab and starts extracting files on your PC.

5⇒ It takes a few moments to finish. Once the whole extracting process is complete, then click on the “Install” button and the installations will begins automatically.

7⇒ Wait until the installation process is finished. Again it will take your few moments to complete the installation process.

8⇒ Lastly, when installations complete Bluestacks icon will appear on your desktop main screen.

Install and Use WiFi Master on your PC

1⇒ Launch Bluestacks on your PC and Google play store tab appears with a Signup page.

2⇒ Now click on the “Signup” button and put your Gmail account details to configure it.

3⇒ After a successful login gets the “Search” bar of the Google play store.

4⇒ Type the name of the application and hit the search button. Now the required application and other related apps will appear on the screen.

5⇒ Click on the exact app icon to download the free WiFi Master app. By just click on the “Install Now” button.

6⇒ Finally, click on the “Install Now” button to start the installation process. Once the installations process is complete. Then you are ready to use it on your PC or Laptop.

Find and use the installed app after installation

1→ After the installations process, get the app icon on the Bluestacks home page.

2→ Further, you will get the other application icon on your desktop main screen.


Once WiFi Master is ready. Just click on the app icon and start using it without any interruption and without paying anything on your PC Windows or Laptop conveniently.

Downloading Wifi Master for PC through apk file-


  • You can also download the app through apk file
  • Initially open your chrome.
  • Search for the application.
  • You will be on its official page shortly.
  • Click on the download file.
  • Finally, drag the file to your bluestacks.
  • Bluestacks will automatically pick the server and download the application for you.

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