Xender For PC, Windows and MAC

Transferring files from the device to the device was never easy until the arrival of Xender. It is one of the best
and top applications which helps you to transfer different files between two devices. The best thing
about this application is, it lets you share the files between different devices of various sizes. No matter
if its 10 GB, 20 GB or 5GB, now the transfer of heavy files is entirely possible. The top features of Xender
include.xender for pc

You don’t need to you have the internet connection to share the files between two devices. You just need the files to send. The best thing about this application is, it lets you share the heavy files without any internet connection. Xender is best in a sense that now you can share the files without any internet connectivity, in offline mode.

Xender For PC Features:

  • Most applications take a lot of time to transfer between one device to the other but this does not
    happen with Xender. When a person has Xender installed on his or her device then it becomes easy for
    him or her to transfer files within a span of seconds. Yes, you heard it right. Now you can transfer files in
    seconds with the help of this brilliant application.
  • This application supports all formats of files. Now you don’t need to convert the file into your desired
    format to transfer it to another device. With the help of Xender, you can transfer files in any format to
    any device.
  • The best thing about this application is, it supports most platforms. You don’t need just the Android
    device to install this application. This application is supported by iPhones and a few versions of Windows
    as well. Yes, it is entirely possible to download this application on few versions of Windows too.
    But what about those versions of Windows which are not supported by this

How To Install Xender For PC:

Xender is a bit tricky, sometimes you can install it on Windows and sometimes you cannot. In the second
scenario where you find yourself unable to install Xender directly on your Windows then there is another method to follow and that method goes through Android Emulator.

  • With the help of Android Emulator, you can install any Android application on your system, on your
    desktop or on your Mac in an easy way.
  • One can find a lot of Android emulators on the internet. You can use Bluestacks, Bliss, Dolphin or any other
    emulator of your choice. Mostly BlueStacks is preferred by most people.
  • Install this emulator easily through Google and after installing it on your system, you can access the Play
    store through it. Once Bluestacks is installed, access the play store, search for Xender and install it on
    your system.
  • Now it’s all easy for you to share as many files as you want from your system to another in a span of

How To Install Xender On PC Through APK:

  • Download Bluestacks Android Emulator as you can’t use Android apps without App player.
  • You can see a complete guide for how to install Bluestacks on Windows.
  • Download Xender APK file from here.
  • Now open Bluestacks main menu and locate the setting gear button on the right sidebar.
  • Click on the option and select upload APK file.
  • Now select the apk file where you downloaded in PC.
  • APK will extract the file into Bluestacks from the package.
  • When it complete, Xender app icon will appear on your system desktop or Bluestacks home page.

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